Retirement and Social Security, stay within the benefit

The age advances and with that the professional performance is not more the same, the time has come to rest and to enjoy the retirement, well deserved after years of hard work.

To that end, the right to retirement is granted only to those who have contributed to the National Social Security Institute (Social Security), which administers the taxpayer’s salary.

How to guarantee retirement by Social Security?

How to guarantee retirement by Social Security?

The contribution must be paid by the contracting company, ie the employee keeps a record in the portfolio.

Service providers or self-employed can guarantee the benefit by going to the nearest Social Security office.

Work with a formal contract or be self-employed?

Types of Retirement

Types of Retirement

Retirement by time of contribution

In this modality it is necessary to contribute by integral or proportional time, varying according to the value and time of contribution.

In full retirement, the man must have added at least 35 years of contribution, and the woman has 30 years.

In the case of proportional retirement, the minimum age and the contribution time are considered.

It can be requested from the age of 53 years and 30 years of contribution, by the man, and 48 years of age and 25 years of contribution, by the woman.

Retirement by age

Retirement by age

In retirement by age is stipulated a minimum age for urban and rural workers, in both, it is necessary to add 15 years of contribution to obtain the retirement.

For urban workers the minimum age is 65 for men and 60 for women.

Rural people can retire at age 60 (men) and 55 (women).

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By disability retirement

This type of retirement is destined to persons incapable to carry out a labor activity.

Persons injured, ill, or deemed incapable by a Welfare Practitioner may apply for disability retirement.

In order to guarantee the benefit, it is necessary to perform an expertise every two years, before the Social Security doctor, before it is suspended. However, Social Security previously issued a notice per letter.

The 12-month retirement contribution is shown to patients. The accident victims should only be registered in the institution, they do not need to fulfill any lack.

Special Retirement

Special Retirement

Specific retirement for people exposed in a work environment that is harmful to health.

In this modality it is necessary to prove the time of work and activity in danger.

To retire, the time in harmful environment can vary between 15 to 25 years, depending on the activity performed.

To qualify for the benefit, the employee must go to the HR of the company or union in order to be checked by a doctor or work engineer.

In addition, the employer must complete a Professional Profit and Loss Profile (PPP) form, based on a Technical Report on Environmental Working Conditions (LTCA), to certify the employee’s right to special retirement.

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