How Retirement Works for MEI

The right to retirement is not restricted only to the signed worker, the individual microentrepreneur (MEI) can also retire.

In this formalization, the worker must pay the DAS monthly, thus contributing to social security. To make the payment, simply send the guide in the Portal of the Entrepreneur .

The value of the tax is variable according to the economic sector that the microentrepreneur operates. Being:

  • R $ 47.85 for trade or industry
  • R $ 51.85 for service providers

These rates include the ISS, ICMS and Social Security, the last responsible for the administration of the retirement.

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Right to Retirement

Right to Retirement

A regularized worker who is unable to perform his / her professional activity, due to illness, accident or surgery, must enjoy social insurance.

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For the worker regularized by MEI, retirement is defined by age and time of contribution. On what:

  • Woman retires at age 60
  • Man retires at age 65

Both should contribute to social security for at least 15 years. To do this, you need to pay the DAS monthly.

In the case of illnesses and accidents, the microentrepreneur may retire due to invalidity, so long as one year is invalid.

Other benefits

Other benefits

The formal microentrepreneur can enjoy other benefits, such as:

  • Sickness aid for MEI that has a minimum of 1 year of contribution;
  • Maternity salary after having contributed at least 10 months;
  • Death pension for the family of the MEI who completed the first payment still alive;
  • Jail family aid to the MEI family who made the first payment prior to incarceration.

Retirement value for MEI

The predicted value for the microentrepreneur is a minimum wage, since in paying the DAS he contributes a rate of 5% of the current minimum wage.

It is possible that this value is higher, in the case of the microentrepreneur who operates in two activities simultaneously, contributing with the social security in both. The contribution period of the two will be added, increasing the value of the benefit.

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Is the MEI obligated to contribute with the Social Security?

Is the MEI obligated to contribute with the Social Security?

Yes. Every formalized worker is obliged to contribute to social security.

However, the microentrepreneur should evaluate the possibility of hiring a private pension, thus ensuring a greater source of income.

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