How big is the difference between women’s and men’s preferred loan purposes

We make it possible to compare and see clearly before you borrow. But what do our customers actually borrow money for, and are there different women’s and men’s preferred loan purposes?

The biggest loan purposes are the same for men and women

The biggest loan purposes are the same for men and women

Although some loan purposes are the same for both men and women, we still see a difference when comparing the top 5 loan purposes among our male and female customers.

The most popular loan purpose for both men and women is the “Other” category. It covers many different things and can, for example, be anything from collective loans to loans to a horse. In the same way as the loan purpose “Other”, loans for the refugee’s second place are in both sexes. Renovation occupies second place in both sexes.

The purpose “Consumption” is generally also a fairly large loan purpose, both in terms of women and men. Men have consumption as the fourth largest loan purpose and women have consumption as the third largest loan purpose.

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More men are applying for car loans

More men are applying for car loans

Where we see a difference between men’s and women’s loan purposes, this is, among other things, in relation to cars as loan purposes. The loan purpose car is the third largest loan purpose among men, where it is completely down to an eighth place among the women.

Top 5 Loans for Men:

  1. 1. Other
  2. 2. Renovation
  3. 3. Car
  4. 4. Consumption
  5. 5. Mortgages

More women are applying for loans for medicine and surgery

More women are applying for loans for medicine and surgery

Where a significantly higher percentage of men borrow money for cars, it is the women’s loan for medicine / surgery that stands out. The women’s fourth largest loan is precisely medicine / surgery, which in men is in eighth place. On the other hand, home loans are a fifth place with both women and men.

Top 5 loan purposes for women:

  1. 1. Other
  2. 2. Renovation
  3. 3. Consumption
  4. 4. Medicine / surgery
  5. 5. Mortgages

How does social trading work and what is it?

Securities trading appears to many to be far-reaching, especially new entrants. Both beginners and professionals are always looking for the best possible strategy that will bring them to the destination of their choice in the long term. Investors can benefit from each other by sharing their experiences with each other. Social trading is the magic word here.

How does social trading work?

How does social trading work?

In social trading, securities portfolios are published on special platforms by investors. Other participants in these networks can then, for example, track transactions or simply observe which securities certain traders buy or sell and when. Every user is free to imitate successful investment strategies: a special form of social trading is copy-trading. Investors take over the complete strategy of well-known traders with all trading orders. Likewise, there is the possibility to take only selected actions.

Social trading makes securities trading more transparent and comprehensible even for beginners. Investors can share experiences and benefit from each other’s knowledge. So how does social trading work? The trading platforms use the principle of social networks like Facebook or Twitter on which participants share their opinions. Social trading is all about securities trading.

You should pay attention to social trading

You should pay attention to social trading

Successful investment strategies can make securities trading quite lucrative. However, there is always the risk of loss, in the worst case the total loss. Of course, this is also the case with copy trading, even if you rely on experienced traders. Before you go into social trading, you should always weigh all the pros and cons against each other.

The benefits of social trading

  • Profit through many years of experience of others: With social trading, you can fall back on the experience of long-standing traders and profit from it. This is especially true for newcomers to securities trading. Individual trading platforms offer you the option of a demo account, with which you can first gain experience in trading without the risk of losing money.
  • Investing capital profitably: Bet on the right traders, participate in their success and have the chance to different levels of profits, with which you have the opportunity to build a long-term fortune.
  • Success Fees: Some social trading platforms pay traders bonuses for successful investments. That way you can earn extra profits if you’re the one who makes his portfolio accessible to others.

The disadvantages of social trading

  • Risk of loss: Even if you are dealing with experienced traders on the platforms and following a long-term successful trader, there is always a risk that it is wrong in its assessment and a loss is the result.

How does social trading work in principle? With social trading platforms, you can benefit from the experiences of other traders and interact with the community in the network. This can be a helpful support, especially for new entrants. Especially with demo accounts trading in securities can be practiced without risk. Remember, however, that a risk of loss when using real money is not lacking. For further advice, you can always contact experienced brokers or your bank.


Loans for students without payroll: honorary funding for university students without income

Not a few banks offer loans without pay for students, which have an agreement aimed at completing educational activities; they are called honor loans and can be obtained only with specific requirements: we find out which banks make them available and what needs to be done to be able to obtain them.

Honor loans without pay for university students

Honor loans without pay for university students

The credit bank was one of the first to set up this system for the provision of money for young unemployed students and clearly without pay, but eager to complete their university studies. In fact, the credit proposal is called not at home, Ad Honorem Loan, and to obtain it, it is sufficient to simply request the opening of a current account at one of the bank’s branches. the loan, like any other personal loan, is repaid in monthly installments that the bank takes directly from the customer’s account. Sometimes the agreement also grants the possibility to take advantage of the possibility of extending the so-called amortization plan, and this basically means that instead of the month immediately following the request, the student will begin to pay after a certain predefined amount of time. Requiring the opening of the Ad Honorem loan to the credit, also means not taking on any extra costs, or insurance for the purpose of obtaining the agreement. The loan can be repaid starting from a minimum of 12 monthly installments, up to a maximum extension of 180 months. But how far can you get with the loan in question?

Funding for students without income generally starts from a minimum of 4 thousand euros and reaches a maximum of 27 thousand euros. As for the interest rate that will be applied, this will remain fixed for the entire duration of the loan and can even reach 9%. On the other hand, according to the reimbursement modalities, assuming that a young student is given the opportunity to receive the requested amount of 20 thousand euros, here it can be returned in one of the following ways: in 180 monthly payments and with a fixed installment per month which is just over one hundred euros, or even in 48 monthly installments worth 420 euros each, or simply in 36 monthly installments of around 500 euros a month. Fundamental requisites required are at the time the loan request is sent, the following: a minimum age of 36, the possession of guarantors able to fill the loan installments to be paid monthly. To apply for a loan, you can make the request via the web simply from the official website of the bank, or book an appointment in one of the nearest branches. In general, to complete the request for acceptance of the loan, 6 to 10 working days pass, as the loan without pay must be justified and all the necessary checks will be carried out.

Reaching your goals is also possible thanks to the loan offered by the bank

Reaching your goals is also possible thanks to the loan offered by the bank

Which as you will now find out proves to be far more efficient than a normal loan that could be granted by other credit institutions. Let’s understand why. The bank honor loan can easily be requested online also by filling in the form that will open automatically once you have navigated the site, in the appropriate section dedicated to this project. Unlike other loans, this will be repaid in full at the end of the master’s degree, so it will not be necessary to request an extension of the amortization plan in order to settle the payments of the various monthly installments. As if this were not enough, the loan to honor without a pay slip can also be requested in this case to cover the costs of any courses to be taken abroad, unlike the one previously described by the credit bank, which instead had an agreement only with the largest university of Italy. The bank loan can be repaid in a maximum duration set at 84 monthly installments, not as many as other financial loans are offered, and among the expenses covered by the loan there are also those that will be subsequently destined, in the case of studies abroad, to the accommodation of the student, even if in this case we must pay attention to the percentage that the bank decides to allocate, and of which we will deal later.

But let’s see more clearly; the maximum amount of euros obtainable through the agreement of the bank is that of 30 thousand euros, which the student can allocate at will in the sectors described above. An observation is to be addressed to the method of payment of the accommodation, which the bank will cover up to a maximum of 10%. The method of extending the payment, which must necessarily be equal to 84 monthly installments, is not to be extended, and here is the regulation of the various monthly installments will be: € 422.61 at a variable rate, which is generally between € 4 and 5%. We should not underestimate what we could define as extra financing costs, and which can all be read in detail in the leaflet downloadable online. The expenses include those that will be sent to the customer by paper, and that are: the summary of the payments, the installments to be paid and therefore resulting as unpaid, the costs for interest certification, issued at the request of the customer, and also the relative expenses to those documents for which the customer will request a copy. These costs start at a minimum of 0.60 euro cents, and can even reach 6 euros. To get more information on this, just go to the official website of the bank and fill in the form at the bottom of the page by entering your name and an email or phone number to receive the information you need, because the site also comes specify special terms and conditions reserved for particular categories of students.

How to apply for a student-free loan at the bank

How to apply for a student-free loan at the bank

Not only banks, but also credit institutions are available and provide their customers with the honor financing service. One of them is the financial company Bank, which offers the loan not only to university students who need money to complete their university studies, but also to secondary school students. Bank financing without a pay slip can be obtained unlike the others even in just 2 working days, and the client must clearly have a current account on which he will then automatically withdraw the money monthly. To apply for the honor loan on the Bank, simply fill in the form which opens automatically by navigating on the Bank website and wait for the reply from the financial institution. For example, let us assume that the student receives a sum of 10,000 euros to be used to complete his studies; here the money can be repaid in one of the following ways: in 48 monthly installments worth slightly more than 200 euros, or in 60 installments worth 165 euros a month, until reaching a maximum extension of 108 installments of 121 euros per month, and lastly 120 monthly payments of just over 100 euros per month. Finally, as regards the interest rates to be applied, these are equivalent to the following: tan to 5.59%, and taeg to 6.30%. Unlike other loans, however, Bank does not give the customer the opportunity to extend the amortization schedule, nor to be able to start paying the installments only after completing the master’s degree or any other course of study. It is for this reason that in addition to demonstrating the motivation of the financing by showing itself as students, it will be necessary to appoint parents or other tutors as guarantors of the financing, in order to guarantee the total extinction of the loan to the Bank, despite the student being unemployed and for this reason is not able to receive the pay slip and therefore to declare an income.

The completion of the university studies can also be carried out with Bank, which offers clients the so-called Bridge loan, which finds a point in common with the offer of bank precisely because the money can be totally repaid upon completion of the course of study that you intend to attend. Let’s find out more details on the loan to honor that Bank offers. After completing the course of studies, the customer has the possibility of returning the money in a maximum time span of thirty years. Furthermore, by requesting the opening and disbursement of this loan, the customer will be provided automatically: the flash card, a prepaid card to be used to efficiently and conveniently manage their daily expenses, together with the so-called Account with Praise, a type of current account set up only for the Bridge loan, which the client must obligatorily open in order to withdraw the money. Let us take as a special example a student requesting the granting of a loan of 1,500 euros to complete his course of study. Here the money received can be repaid in just three months and with an installment worth 500 euros. The possible extra expenses that can be read in the Bank illustrative sheet, and that regard, as it happens for other credit institutions, the operations carried out only in paper form are not to be underestimated. The loan with praise of Bank starts from a minimum of 1,000, and even reaches a maximum of 50 thousand euros, which can be repaid as we have been for a minimum of three months up to a maximum of 30 months. The interest rate applied will remain fixed at the time and equal to 3.83%, so for example on a loan of 15 thousand euros, the student will find himself paying the sum of 17,500 euros on a loan extended in a time frame of eight years. For more information on the Bridge Loan with Praise offered by Bank, you can fill in the automatic form on the site, or request an appointment at a branch nearest you.

Finally, the bank, which proposes the loan called Discount and Praise and of which we are now going to talk, is also included among the banks that offer a loan of honor without a pay slip. Unlike other loans, however, the bank offers the advantageous and variable interest rate depending on the average student has, so the greater the positive results and the lower the interest rate to be paid in relation to the loan. The bank proposes an offer to reach a maximum of 20 thousand euros, repayable over a period of up to 120 months. So assuming that a customer requests a maximum loan of 20 thousand euros, which we remember can also be done entirely online and by filling out the form that will open by clicking on the words Loan Discount and Praise, here is that the money can be returned in 120 monthly payments with an installment of just under 170 euros per month. For more detailed information, it is advisable to make an appointment at the branch of the bank closest to you. The solutions as you could see to be able to complete the course of studies for unemployed university students and clearly not in possession of a paycheck are many, you just need to be able to find the one that is right for you and that can satisfy your needs.

How to apply for Personal Payday from Good Finance?

How to apply for Personal Payday from Good Finance?

Loan Amount Personal Payday loan: from 50 – to 7,000 €

The loan repayment period is from 7 days to 42 months. It is a purpose-free loan that can be requested by clients with regular monthly income. No unnecessary documentation, no hidden fees. This is Personal Payday loan.

Loan approval conditions and cost list

Loan approval conditions and cost list

The applicant must fulfill several criteria in order to be approved for the loan. The essential terms of an online application are as follows:

  • over 18 years of age
  • permanent residence in the Slovak Republic
  • permanent monthly income
  • a valid ID card and a second ID card

What are the benefits of Personal Payday loan?

What are the benefits of Personal Payday loan?

Despite the fact that is not a “classic” online loan, because the applicant is contacted by telephone after sending a non-binding request, it can be retrieved from the comfort of home.

What documents are needed for the application?

What documents are needed for the application?

It is sufficient for the applicant to have an ID card and a second ID, such as a passport or a driving license. If another document or document is needed, the applicant will be informed during the interview with the provider.

Loan Application Process

The application process is very simple:

1. The applicant shall indicate on the site the amount of the loan requested and basic personal information.

2. After submitting the application, the applicant will be contacted by phone.

3. If the application is approved after the telephone conversation, the loan will be transferred to the applicant’s account.

  • repayment period
  • monthly payment
  • fee
  • redemption
  • loan application

The loan repayment period is from 7 days to 42 months. It is a purpose-free loan that can be requested by clients with regular monthly income. No unnecessary documentation, no hidden fees. Loan Application. This is Personal Payday loan.

Retirement and Social Security, stay within the benefit

The age advances and with that the professional performance is not more the same, the time has come to rest and to enjoy the retirement, well deserved after years of hard work.

To that end, the right to retirement is granted only to those who have contributed to the National Social Security Institute (Social Security), which administers the taxpayer’s salary.

How to guarantee retirement by Social Security?

How to guarantee retirement by Social Security?

The contribution must be paid by the contracting company, ie the employee keeps a record in the portfolio.

Service providers or self-employed can guarantee the benefit by going to the nearest Social Security office.

Work with a formal contract or be self-employed?

Types of Retirement

Types of Retirement

Retirement by time of contribution

In this modality it is necessary to contribute by integral or proportional time, varying according to the value and time of contribution.

In full retirement, the man must have added at least 35 years of contribution, and the woman has 30 years.

In the case of proportional retirement, the minimum age and the contribution time are considered.

It can be requested from the age of 53 years and 30 years of contribution, by the man, and 48 years of age and 25 years of contribution, by the woman.

Retirement by age

Retirement by age

In retirement by age is stipulated a minimum age for urban and rural workers, in both, it is necessary to add 15 years of contribution to obtain the retirement.

For urban workers the minimum age is 65 for men and 60 for women.

Rural people can retire at age 60 (men) and 55 (women).

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By disability retirement

This type of retirement is destined to persons incapable to carry out a labor activity.

Persons injured, ill, or deemed incapable by a Welfare Practitioner may apply for disability retirement.

In order to guarantee the benefit, it is necessary to perform an expertise every two years, before the Social Security doctor, before it is suspended. However, Social Security previously issued a notice per letter.

The 12-month retirement contribution is shown to patients. The accident victims should only be registered in the institution, they do not need to fulfill any lack.

Special Retirement

Special Retirement

Specific retirement for people exposed in a work environment that is harmful to health.

In this modality it is necessary to prove the time of work and activity in danger.

To retire, the time in harmful environment can vary between 15 to 25 years, depending on the activity performed.

To qualify for the benefit, the employee must go to the HR of the company or union in order to be checked by a doctor or work engineer.

In addition, the employer must complete a Professional Profit and Loss Profile (PPP) form, based on a Technical Report on Environmental Working Conditions (LTCA), to certify the employee’s right to special retirement.

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Beware of the private room rental!

Private room rental on platforms, can be a great thing – for tenants and landlords. Because renting private rooms is often cheaper for tourists and city travelers than the hotel and in addition they often get at the same time via the private landlord already a first private contact in the city. And if you sublet your own room or apartment, you can quickly and easily earn a few euros without much effort.

But there are also downsides that have called more and more critics into the scene in recent months:

But there are also downsides that have called more and more critics into the scene in recent months:

The private rental of apartments further aggravates the tense situation on the housing market. Private accommodation has become a trend, especially in touristy cities such as Berlin. More and more private individuals have begun to rent their rooms or flats to tourists via the relevant platforms, as this can be used to earn good money. The result: less and less affordable apartments are available for ordinary tenants.

Berlin has now taken action against it. Since May 1, a new ban applies in Berlin, with which the private room rental is to be contained. Who rents rooms or apartments to tourists, this can only with official approval. Normal living space may not be rented as a holiday apartment. Anyone who still offers his room at “Rent Room”, “Room Lend” or similar platforms, must expect sensitive fines.

Even without a ban, caution is advised!


Even if Berlin is still a pioneer with this ban, you should be careful in other cities, if you want to earn a few euros by renting. Many forget in the prospect of the additional earnings, that in such leases, the landlord and perhaps the tax office want to have a say – even if there are no restrictions as since May 1 in Berlin.

There are two dangers lurking even without urban restrictions:

There are two dangers lurking even without urban restrictions:

  • Danger 1: Trouble with the landlord. Anyone who offers a room at sharing platforms, without first obtaining the permission of the landlord, threatens the termination without notice. The short-term rental of rooms or apartments is not considered subletting, which a landlord can only prohibit for special reasons. According to the courts, it is a misappropriation of housing. So if you are a tenant and not the owner of the apartment, you should definitely get permission from the landlord before he offers his room on a sharing platform and leases it on a daily basis to tourists.
  • Danger 2: Trouble with the tax office. The tax authorities want to keep an eye on the private room and apartment rental. If there are winnings, taxes are also due. Anyone who makes offers on the Internet must increasingly expect the tax offices to read along and, if necessary, to see statements and receipts showing the amount of revenue.

How Retirement Works for MEI

The right to retirement is not restricted only to the signed worker, the individual microentrepreneur (MEI) can also retire.

In this formalization, the worker must pay the DAS monthly, thus contributing to social security. To make the payment, simply send the guide in the Portal of the Entrepreneur .

The value of the tax is variable according to the economic sector that the microentrepreneur operates. Being:

  • R $ 47.85 for trade or industry
  • R $ 51.85 for service providers

These rates include the ISS, ICMS and Social Security, the last responsible for the administration of the retirement.

  • Work with a formal contract or be self-employed?

Right to Retirement

Right to Retirement

A regularized worker who is unable to perform his / her professional activity, due to illness, accident or surgery, must enjoy social insurance.

  • Retirement and Social Security, stay within the benefit

For the worker regularized by MEI, retirement is defined by age and time of contribution. On what:

  • Woman retires at age 60
  • Man retires at age 65

Both should contribute to social security for at least 15 years. To do this, you need to pay the DAS monthly.

In the case of illnesses and accidents, the microentrepreneur may retire due to invalidity, so long as one year is invalid.

Other benefits

Other benefits

The formal microentrepreneur can enjoy other benefits, such as:

  • Sickness aid for MEI that has a minimum of 1 year of contribution;
  • Maternity salary after having contributed at least 10 months;
  • Death pension for the family of the MEI who completed the first payment still alive;
  • Jail family aid to the MEI family who made the first payment prior to incarceration.

Retirement value for MEI

The predicted value for the microentrepreneur is a minimum wage, since in paying the DAS he contributes a rate of 5% of the current minimum wage.

It is possible that this value is higher, in the case of the microentrepreneur who operates in two activities simultaneously, contributing with the social security in both. The contribution period of the two will be added, increasing the value of the benefit.

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Is the MEI obligated to contribute with the Social Security?

Is the MEI obligated to contribute with the Social Security?

Yes. Every formalized worker is obliged to contribute to social security.

However, the microentrepreneur should evaluate the possibility of hiring a private pension, thus ensuring a greater source of income.

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